Gurmit Singh Kullar (Col) (India)
Gurmeet Singh
Born 1907 in Jullunder 
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Olympic Games:

Gurmit Singh Kullar represented India at the 1932 Los Angeles Olympic Games

1932 Los Angeles Round-Robin
04.08.1932 India 11 - Japan 1
1932 Los Angeles Round-Robin
11.08.1932 India 24 - USA 1
Final Standing: 1st - Gold Medal

Gurmit Singh Kular was good enough to play inside right for India in an attacking trio which featured the legendary Dhyan Chand at centre forward and his younger brother Roop Singh at inside left.

Yet Gurmit, whose skills flourished during the golden age of Indian hockey, played in only one Olympiad when his country successfully defended its title in Los Angeles four years after taking the hockey world by storm in Amsterdam in 1928. But his contribution in Los Angeles was by no means inconsiderable.

He scored three, with Roop Singh getting the same number and Dhyan Chand netting four times in India's 11 - 1 victory over Japan in their opening match in Los Angeles.

He followed up by scoring five in India's 24 - 1 drubbing of the USA, with Roop Singh leading the way with ten and Dhyan Chand collecting eight. Eric Penninger, the joint captain of the 1928 team, rounded off the scoring with his only goal.

Gurmit, who passed away in the Punjab on February 4, (1992) aged 84, will long be remembered in his native country. He was the only Sikh in that 1932 team and the first player from Sansarpur, the tiny village on the outskirts of Jalandhar, which later became a nursery for stars, to don the Indian colours.

Debut In '32

Gurmit played for Punjab University, Lahore, from 1927 until 1932 and made his debut in the Inter-Provincial Tournament for Punjab in 1932. He also played for the Indian Army from 1934 - 6 and again in 1940.

He was studying in his final year at agricultural college at Lyallpur, now remamed Faisalabad, when selected for the Los Angeles team after a dazzling display for Punjab in the Inter-Provincial Tournament in Calcutta -- an event treated as the final trial for the Olympics.

The selected squad of 16 players did not, of course, merely go to the Olympics. They embarked on a stamina-sapping seven month tour, playing matches at every port of call and doing a remarkable job of publicising the game of hockey.

On their triumphant return from Los Angeles the Olympic Champions returned home for yet another marathon tour around their own country, playing 37 matches. This astonishing team scored 338 goals and conceded a mere 34.

Gurmit lived up to his growing reputation by scoring 55 goals, finishing behind only Roop Singh and Dhyan Chand -- the latter's brilliance, still remembered by everyone who ever saw him play, earning him no fewer than 133 mentions on the scoresheet.

Undying Enthusiasm

Even in his eighties, Gurmit's enthusiasm for the game he had graced with such distinction had not waned and he still enjoyed visits to his native village to pass on the finer points to young boys just taking up hockey.

One of the last public appearances of the star of yesteryear was, fittingly enough, at the wedding of Pargat Singh, the present Indian captain.

Hockey has not produced too many true stars, Gurmit Singh Kular was certainly one of those who will never be forgotten.

(From an article by Sandeep Singh of India, titled Echoes From The Golden Age Of Indian Hockey, published in World Hockey, April 1992)

Gurmit Singh Kullar


Gurmit Singh Kullar


Gurmit Singh in Los Angeles Olympics


Gurmit Singh Kullar


Gurmit Singh Kullar